XIAOMI MIJIA HL Aromatherapy Humidifier

XIAOMI MIJIA HL Aromatherapy Humidifier

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Package Included:

1 x Aromatherapy machine

1 x Manual

1 x Data line

1 x Certification

                   Detailed parameters FGX

Quiet working condition, no noise, more relaxed and comfortable.      

Aromatherapy Atmosphere|Simple and refined|Colored lighting atmosphere|Quiet comfortable companionship      



Adjustable color tube atmosphere, fall in love with its companionship.      

In the darkness, the light shines on the fog, like candlelight, beautiful and elegant.      

Switch the lights with a short press of the button, choose 7 colors,      

choose your favorite color, and create a romantic atmosphere.      

Add the right amount of aroma, the perfect combination of vision and smell to create a pleasant experience.      

3 -      


Super delicate mist diffusion Does not destroy the natural ingredients in the essential oils.      

Using TDK material manufacturing production of 3.0MHz atomization tablets,      

ultrasonic atomization tablets to produce high-frequency mechanical vibration energy,      

water particles into 10UM below the water molecules.      

Through the fan wind in the water tank to create pressure, the delicate atomized water evenly scattered in the air,      

do not damage the natural composition of essential oil, each water molecule is full of vitality and gentle touch you.      



Simple design style, pleasing to the eye.      

Color using pure white, shape for the square and round perfect collocation,      

the atmosphere simple style, suitable for a variety of decoration style, easy to use also must be  look good.      



Small size, large energy.      

The volume will not be particularly large, will not take up too much space,      

but the performance is still very good, 120ml capacity, in the indoor temperature of 25 degrees Celsius,      

continue to work for 6-10 hours.When the tank is short of water, the red light prompts for 10 seconds,      

and the intelligent power outage, rest assured that the use of peace of mind experience.       Tookfun.      

Water level monitoring sensor, There will be a red light reminder when the water tank is short of water, Prevent dry burning sensors.      



Button life.       

The press number of keystrokes is approximately 100,000 times        



Silicone non-slip design at the bottom.      



Focusing on the light source creates a perfect blend of fog and light, creating a candlelight atmosphere.      



Suitable for a variety of use scenarios, bringing comfort and health at all times.