Face beauty massager

Face beauty massager

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Standard Voltage:220V

3 d instrument 2 massage head parts easy to exchange, thin face only not just, also can thin arms, hips, thin thin leg, thin abdomen! It is indeed very value: one in hand, the whole body slim down! Physical beauty instrument, healthy environmental protection, insist to use we will be able to become more health and beauty!

Beauty is so simple!

Recommended for the following groups need


1. Meat meat too much on the face, sagging 2. Baby fat 3. 4 baby face masseter 5. Obviously double chin 6. Obviously abdomen has a proud flesh 7. The arm is not enough fine 8. Hip shape perfect? 9. Not ideal thigh size 10. The calf is too thick

One more big functions: poison to raise colour, skin more smooth and delicate

After a massage, will see the instrument massage head smudgy, that is a mixture of the skin cutin layer and lubricant, you'll find that instrument detoxification function is very powerful, dear friends can remove the massage head cleaning.

Method of use - buyers will see

1, thin face - hand holding the handle, with ball massage head and low function, do not massage instrument at an Angle, try to keep the instrument with massage place vertical point of view, hand to put the magnitude of the pressure instrument lighter (instrument it is ok to contact with the skin), in the forehead, face, eyes, forehead, neck, back and forth, up and down slowly massage, massage together and can also cooperate with the lubricant. (because everyone's skin is different, it is suggested that started using instruments as face using 5 minutes per side, apply to skin after prolonged massage for 10 minutes each side face)

2, thin body parts - the hand holding the handle, use soft silicone gears with high quality and low premium features in the arm, waist, back, buttocks, thigh, calf gently back and forth, up and down all over the body such as massage, and can also cooperate with lubricant slowly massage together. Hand on the magnitude of the instrument lighter (instrument it is ok to contact with the skin). It is ok to use 10 to 30 minutes a day.