Kundalini Yoga


    • Kundalini Yoga: This style is a blend of meditation, breathing, mantra, postures, stretching and movement. It helps with spiritual healing. It is all about experiencing deeper transformations and awareness. It is a recommended practice for those suffering from stress in their work life since it results in a calmer mind and a boost in confidence.


      Kundalini is a spiritual energy. You can describe it as an energy that is "dormant". In Yoga philosophy you often read about a sleeping snake curled up at the base of the spine. Kundalini and Prana Kundalini is not the same as prana. Prana is the life energy that surrounds us everywhere and is present everywhere.

      Kundalini energy is a spiritual energy, which can only be felt when this energy can be awakened consciously. Kundalini Yoga is a form of Yoga that ensures that a lot of energy is released in the body by opening your Chakras. Chakras can be described as energy zones in the body that are important for a good balance of energy flows in your body.

      Kundalini Yoga ensures that the Chakras are opened with the help of exercises, this releases a lot of energy in the nervous system. Kundalini energy is energy that is released when you open your Chakras. The release of Kundalini energy takes place by doing special exercises.

      Experiencing Kundalini energy requires a lot of patience, this may sound contradictory to “spontaneous energy experience”. The reason for this is that Kundalini energy can only be released in a good way when the Chakras have opened in a correct way.

      A good opening of your Chakras is unfortunately a bit more difficult for beginning Yogi, it requires a lot of experience with Yoga to do this in the right way. Kundalini Yoga is therefore not very suitable for beginners within Yoga. It is recommended to practice Kundalini Yoga only after a certain basic level in Yoga, many Yogis therefore first follow a number of Hatha Yoga classes.

      You may have heard the term “aura” mentioned. Auras are often linked to spirituality and spirits. Interestingly, auras are part of the same energy system as Kundalini energy, and many are described in Yoga. Within Hinduism, the basis for Yoga, everything on earth is experienced as energy flows.

      Energy is never lost but only changes shape. In this area a connection can be made between this energy and spirituality. Some people claim to be able to see auras around people, often these can also be distinguished in colours. As crazy as it may sound, this could well be true.

      Auras and chakras When a certain Chakra radiates dominant energy compared to the other Chakras, it can unbalance the Kundalini energy, you feel physically or mentally out of balance. Although not proven, it could be that some people perceive the dominant Chakra as a colour.


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