Anusara Yoga


    • Anusara Yoga: This is a modern adaptation of Hatha Yoga. Anusara has a set pattern and flows to its sessions which are designed to help energize the mind and purifying the body. It is aimed and not just mental peace but is also improving the lung capacity. It stretches muscles increasing the flexibility and balance. Often a session of Anusara often leaves one relaxed and less fatigued.


      The so-called Universal Principle of alignment / adjustment underlies all postures, or asanas, in Anusara. The second principle consists of the asanas that are experienced as an opening of the heart.

      The third foundation is the spiritual / meditative utility of Hatha Yoga.

      An important aspect of this school's philosophy is to achieve "bliss and joy," by which Friend means a sense of bliss and joy. Anusara has a tantric nature. Here the universe is perceived by our feeling and mind and is seen as a manifestation of the divine.

      According to this underlying philosophy, this manifestation is pure bliss of divinity, which in turn is considered one-sidedly pure, the essence of everything and everyone and the super-sensory. The nature of god is by definition unconditional and free from all restrictions.


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