Vinyasa / Power Yoga


    • Vinyasa / Power Yoga: This modern yoga is about the techniques and poses. It requires a change in breathing patterns while flowing from one pose to the next. In practising Vinyasa, muscles continually stretch and strengthen. It is bound to induce sweating during the practice but will impact overall flexibility and strength.


      Vinyasa yoga is one of the most common yoga styles and is also called Flow Yoga. It is a dynamic form in combination with your breathing.

      You do "a flow" of yoga postures in succession on the movement of your breathing. The exercises flow into each other, as it were.

      Vinyasa literally means "putting things in the right order" and "connecting movement and breathing". Vinyasa yoga is an active form of yoga and therefore falls under yang yoga. Vinyasa yoga is descended from Ashtanga yoga.

      Where Ashtanga yoga has a fixed series of yoga postures and you cannot deviate from this, vinyasa yoga is freer and there is more room for creativity. There is no order within this yoga style that you must strictly follow, so the interpretation is different every time.

      Sometimes the focus is on your whole body, the other time on arm balance and the other time on back bends. But the focus in vinyasa yoga can also be based on the time of day or the position of the sun or moon.

      A vinyasa yoga class If you go to a vinyasa yoga class, expect a powerful class where you really put your body to work. Because of the different postures and the dynamic way of moving, you notice that you need concentration and focus.

      Vinyasa yoga strengthens both your body and your mind. This yoga style is about: Physical strength Flexibility Endurance But what is really central is breathing. Most of the clues given in a vinyas class are about breathing.

      Which movement you inhale and which movement you exhale. This sounds tricky, but your yoga teacher tells you exactly how you breathe and after a while you will notice that this goes without saying.

      During the class, the yoga teacher ensures that the postures build up, so that you are well prepared for the heavier and more difficult postures. Vinyasa_Yoga_Picture Chances are that you will sweat with this yoga style, which is of course wonderful for your body. And the best?

      The vinyasa yoga class is concluded with the Savasana. The exercise where you lie on the floor with closed eyes for a few minutes and relax.

      With this exercise you process the lesson and let all the energy flow through your body. A perfect relaxing end to a tough lesson.


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