Kriya Yoga


Kriya means internal action. When you do inner action, it does not involve the body and the mind because both the body and the mind are still external to you..

Kriya yoga is an ancient meditation technique. The purpose of this technique is evident from the meaning of the name Kriya Yoga. Kri means action and Ya means soul. Yoga means unity. Kriya Yoga strives to perceive the divine in every act.

To achieve this unity you combine with Kriya Yoga various forms of Yoga in a concise, effective technique. This technique allows you to move beyond your body and senses, emotions and thoughts in meditation. Development of body, mind and soul.

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique that simultaneously develops body, mind and spirit. Kriya Yoga has a scientific foundation. The technique is based on breathing control. This results in mastery of your moods, it leads to deep peace and a balanced life.

Kriya Yoga is not dogmatic. There are no mandatory rules of conduct. Rather, this meditation technique is the essence of all religions: it deepens your own spiritual experiences.

Kriya Yoga includes a number of physical, breathing, and concentration exercises that transform the life energy into cosmic consciousness. Although the exercises have a powerful effect, they do not require difficult postures. You can practice Kriya Yoga at home. There are also regular lectures and group meditations at various locations.

The origins of Kriya Yoga date back to the time of the sacred Indian scriptures such as the Vedas and Upanishads. In the nineteenth century, the technique was reintroduced in India by Babaji Maharaj and passed on to his student Lahiri Mahasaya. Babaji Line of Kriya Yoga master.